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Dr. Christian Heyne
Dr. Christian Heyne

Dr. Christian Heyne is the founder and owner of Heyne Consult. In his many years of working for a leading global provider of geospatial data and navigation applications Christian has gained valuable skills in international operations and people management.In his role as Global Expansion Manager Christian was responsible for setting up new country organizations and managing operations in the North- and South-Eastern Hemisphere. Additionally, qualified as Business Coach and mentoring expert he supports companies in managing their change projects successfully. Privately cross country running, reading and enjoying time with his family and three children enriches his life. more ›

Dr. Christian Heyne is certified as Business Coach by the German Association for Coaching and Training (DVCT). Christian is taking a holistic and systemic approach for helping you solve your transformation challenges. By deploying professional mentoring and coaching, synergies will be encouraged. Goals can be reached without loss because of friction. ›

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Christian Heyne

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